Saturday, August 3, 2013

New addition

I owe you guys a post explaining why I have disappeared off my blogging page.  

The biggest reason is My husband and I have learned that we are expecting a lil one in February. So things have been crazy.  I couldn't tell anyone until I made a trip back to my home state Michigan to tell our families in person. So I look at long vacation, and a real vacation you know.. The beach, water toys the works!!!  First time in probably three years since I have had a real summer vacation. Sadly the husband couldn't join me on my first part of my vacation, but we were able to tell our families together.  So you may see themes on this page due to the expecting arrival.  But I will try my hardest to keep it overall the same.  Who knows.. 

So far this pregnancy has been great and amazing.. SOMEONE PLEASE KNOCK ON WOOD FOR ME!!!  Morning Sickness hasn't been too much for me to handle.. and not that I am almost in the second tri.. that it is basically disappearing!!! yay!!!! 

I have to go and make some dinner and do fiance stuff but I will also be coming up with our next post.. I need to get my butt cracking here. 

(Thanks for your patience)