Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hubby is home

The hubby is home!!!! Yay!! After nearly two weeks, the hubs is back from Air Assault and officially a graduate from the program.   He is so sore and lots of rope burn. I am spending most of my day with him. Tomorrow, I will get back to posting.  He is off doing some errands so he can get the air assault patches and get them to alterations.  Me... I am dealing with the fact we have no hot water.. ughhhhh of course... I am glad the hubby is here to deal with it along with me... but still... I still have a roof over my head..

  Sending good thoughts to those who are battling with Colorado's fire.  

I FINALLY FINISHED MY BIG PROJECT.. WHAT A PAIN... but I learned lots of things and is happy. That is all that matters...   Soon I'll have a post on it.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snail Mail

Like I have been saying lately, just extreme busyness around here.  I have been sick for the past two months and finally got a portion of an answer yesterday after my Upper GI scope, I have an ulcer.. Ughhh it took two mos for that answer.. Jeeze and of course the hubby is gone.. Boo.. 

Spencer (husband) is away at air assault training, he graduates Friday!!!!!  There is three phases to air assault training, he passed two with flying colors now he is working on phase three!   After learning my results yesterday, he felt really really bad that he wasn't there for me.  awee. poor guy.  But thank goodness for Army friends right?? I have a great friend she is a nurse too like me!!! And she was a doll and took me to hospital and picked me up, and helped me run some quick errands too.. After having a Upper GI scope (basically a camera goes down to the stomach and sees what is up) you are not suppose to drive or drink alcohol for 24 hours.  Megan and I headed back towards post and she stopped at a Dunken Dounts for me :)  ahhh what a great friend.. (By the way I couldn't eat anything after midnight). and off to the pharmacy we went. Got a medication that I have to take for the next two mos.. I am horrible at remembering to take my meds...  This one has more complicated instructions, I can't go ohhh shoot I forgot so I'll take it now..   

Anyways enough of my story. But even if you are not a military spouse, once you have great friends who are willing do these kind of things for you.. DON'T LOSE THEM... I know in the military it is really hard to keep in touch with girlfriends and even family with all the moving and our crazy life..  I have found a way to show how much you care for them... SNAIL MAIL..  I think snail mail is more.. genuine than emails or txt.. Very hard to multi task  when writing a small letter.  You don't need to have a five paragraph letter. I use note cards... that I get from Home Goods.  One I spend 4.99 and got 16 cards with envelope and one I spend 2.99 and got 20 card and envelopes. And they are gonna be unique, Marshalls, TJMaxx and Home Goods has everything that other stores no longer sell anymore.. You go to one Home Goods you are not gonna have the exact merchandise as another Home Goods or any store for that matter.  I love these stores, I am addicted most of the time I just browse and look for ideas for my home that I can do for cheaper than the item.  It is my therapy, when I am having a bad week my husband kicks me out of the house and tells me to go to Home Goods :)  What a great guy is he. 

So basically for 36 cards I paid eight dollar, if that isn't a good sale I don't what is :)  

How cool is the second one.. We live about an hr away from the NYC and I think this SCREAMS THE CITY!!! 

Just take that extra time say thanks for being my friend and it will brighten up your friend's day.. Who knows you might have started a tradition! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Other Blogs

Happy Monday!!! 

I hope your week is off to great start.  I wanted to let you know, please visit the blogs I am following. If you are interested in blog you may very well be interested in their blogs too.   My three favorites are: 

The Homes I have Made
I love this one, she is also military spouses, and since she has lived in several places, she has pictures and projects for each home. I love it and I love the set up. My favorite post so far is her GORGEOUS DRESSER.. you have to check it out. 

Love Grows Wild
This blog I recently found. Has everything from home decor to recipes. I feel that this blog really picks up my decorating style.. kinda country chic.. without too much country.. or chic.. I'll have to explain this one later on   Also if you are looking for a 31 consultant she will be your gal too.  Right now she has a giveaway that started today.. Seven more days until giveaway ends. 

Sparkle And Mine
This blog isn't about home decor or military but her tips have changed my life.. well... It has changed how I put on make up. I make sure I have read every single post she has made. Hopefully you do too!!! Not saying to change your make up habits.   

I can be very picky when it comes to becoming followers of certain pages. I generally go to these pages for a couple days before deciding to become followers.. Crazy.. ya I know..  

Do you have any favorite blogs you think I will enjoy. Please comment down below. And I'll check them out.  Always looking for new blogs to become followers of. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mason Jar Candles and Basket Art

Before I reveal my bathroom I thought I should go through all the small projects I have done to it before the BIG REVEAL. 

My 1/2 bathroom has no storage what so ever..  And I needed to decorate the West Point White walls.. hmmm Without putting the usual paintings up. Something different.   How to decorate a small room and also give me storage.. 

I went on to Pinterest and saw these two pictures. (This site is where I get most of my ideas from) 

(I do not the owners of these pictures. If these are yours please let me know, so I can give the credit where it belongs.)

Isn't it a great idea.. Of course I went to home goods and I found a packet of three square baskets.  I believe for no more than twenty dollars. And told my husband to hang two of the baskets up.. You should have seen his face... PRICELESS!!!  I had to show him these pictures for him to understand what I was trying to do.. You might have to do the same. 
Learn from us.. since we didn't have directions the links that Pinterest send us was just a larger picture.. Put the nails at an angle.. Just do it.. I will not show you how many holes we put in the wall on the first one ;)  Hopefully BB (the company who owns controls the housing here on post) won't say anything when we move out. :) 

See at an angle.. You will thank me for this.. and place your baskets on to them.. Quite easy.

Since we dont have storage I used one to hold extra TP!!!!   So our guest know exactly where it is.. But it also decorates the small room. 

(Sorry lighting is bad)

Now the jars.  As you can see I have tons and tons of mason jars.. Any type of jar will work here.. I wanted to use mason jars just cause easier to do this project because you don't need the plate. if you dont have a mason jar, you can use pliers to put an opening on top.. Or have it have a regular lid. Your choice.  To decorate the room up a bit. I took two green candles  one size up from tea light (Idk my candle sizes sorry) and placed them centered in the jar. Then I just screwed the lid on. Didn't use the plate. I don't burn these unless we lose electricity :)  I am just afraid to burn them on the basket, just in case the basket gets caught on fire. I don't think BB will that forgiving.  

 When Christmas time came around, I tied a small bow on the lip of both jar. And then I screwed on the lid.  It covers the wires that I need to attach the bows with. It was a bit of a challenging at first to get the lid on but all worth it.. it looked great during the winter holiday seasons. That all I needed to change when I had to take everything down.. Perfect. I love putting decorations up for holidays.. but dread taking them down. Simple! 

Won't it look great with my mason jar hand soap. :) I thought so too!!!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy Busy and Mason Jar Dispenser

Now that the hubby is gone to Air Assault training, I been taking advantage of babysitting all kinds of hours and cleaning the house now that it will STAY CLEAN... :)   

In the mist all of the craziness I really wanted to make a mason jar hand soap dispenser to complete my 1/2 bath down stairs.   I been wanting to do this for some time, and thought it would be a bit challenging . HA..  I should have done this earlier.. Now that bathroom is more complete.. With mason jar hand soup dispenser and mason jar candle holder.. Ahhh.. Country style.   
  I did the same steps as of the Mason Jar Bathroom Containers. The only thing that changed was you are gonna use the nail to make a big hole rather than just a couple hits of a nail. Takes longer that Bathroom containers but not too long. I PROMISE. 

All you need is hammer, nail, existing soap dispenser, mason jar with lid, plate and jar its self. and/or pliers 

(Old dispenser) 

Now pull out the existing dispenser and try to mark the size of the "pump" which usually has springs.  This is what is gonna go through the hole on the mason jar plate.  I used a hammer and nail to poke holes in the plate to create a big hole. It isn't gonna look the greatest..  But that isn't gonna matter I promise.  If you would like to you can use a pliers to make the hole big enough also. I had good results with the mason jar bathroom containers that I decided to stick with the nail. 

Seen not the greatest. I would recommend when you poke the holes to have the plate with the Silver part up so if not all the metal comes off it will be shoved underneath and you wont see it.  After you get about my size of hole. Check it by putting the dispenser pump through... It should be snug.  If it isn't don't fret, use hot glue.  Mine was snug but I didn't want to use the glue just in case I ever have to replace the pump. I dont have to start over. I tried pumping and it stayed in there and didn't wobble at all. 

See how I went off the size of the pump.  Don't go with the size of the dispenser that you see on top.. this will make the hole too large and probably gonna see the hole from the top.  Now the plastic part of the dispenser which picks up the soap from the bottom might need to be trimmed. If so just do a little at a time.  I noticed before I trimmed it down that it was cut at an angle 
So when I trimmed it down, I also cut it at an angle just in case.   Put the plate with the dispenser on the jar and slide the lid on. You might have to go through the side of the sprout and then lift it over to go down. and screw on. 

Looks great huh? Even colored soap will look great.. 

I need MORE SOAP!!! 

I can't take all the create for this project.  

( I found this post after I posted mine, and funny thing is.. I am follower of this blog and I didn't see it until day after the project. This one shows two different methods, I used method number two, but there is method one if you like to check it out)  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Air Assault

Hey guys, 

It has been crazy busy here.  Hubby is preparing to leave to Air Assault training. This will the first time my hubby has been gone over night.. Before you all get all angry... He has gone away before just we weren't living together. When we got married, there was agreement between the three of us (Spencer, My dad and I) that I continue and to finish my degree (which I was just starting my senior year of Nursing school) before moving i n with him. Also, he was about to deploy less than six mos later. No point of moving out there for him to leave soon after.   I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house.  There has been some issues with the big project that I have been showing you sneak pictures of. I am hoping to figure it all out by the end of this week and hopefully have a post on it.   I went to the commissary, and you know that clearance section they have.. Omg..I never really check it out.. Now I have learned my lesson. Def look around in there, AMAZING DEALS. .  I found hearing aid batteries in my size 5 packets of them with 16 batteries each for only 7 dollars.. Now that is a deal. (I know I probably just lost you there. I don't think I have mentioned that I have bilaterally (both ears) severe to profound hearing. So obviously I have hearing aids. ) Since I am sure more than 99 percent of my readers probably dont have hearing aids and dont know the cost of batteries. Well, they are/can be expensive.  I change each hearing aid battery once every two to three days..  ya.. so I go through tons of batteries. I am now starting to look into rechargeable batteries but they can be extremely expensive if anything breaks. Back to the batteries right now at CVS Rayovac which  is the exact brand that I bought has a Sale of 24 pack of batteries for 19.99. Which makes it to be about $.83 per battery.  I bought at 16 pack for 7 dollars at the commissary basically paid  $.43 per battery. I bought five packets so about $35 dollars worth... If I were to buy them at CVS for $35 I only get about 42 batteries.  When in reality I bought 80 batteries for $35 dollars. I am soo proud of myself. Looks like I have to scope out that section more often when I go. :D 

  Have you come across any crazy sales, or coupons you like to share???