Monday, June 10, 2013

Other Blogs

Happy Monday!!! 

I hope your week is off to great start.  I wanted to let you know, please visit the blogs I am following. If you are interested in blog you may very well be interested in their blogs too.   My three favorites are: 

The Homes I have Made
I love this one, she is also military spouses, and since she has lived in several places, she has pictures and projects for each home. I love it and I love the set up. My favorite post so far is her GORGEOUS DRESSER.. you have to check it out. 

Love Grows Wild
This blog I recently found. Has everything from home decor to recipes. I feel that this blog really picks up my decorating style.. kinda country chic.. without too much country.. or chic.. I'll have to explain this one later on   Also if you are looking for a 31 consultant she will be your gal too.  Right now she has a giveaway that started today.. Seven more days until giveaway ends. 

Sparkle And Mine
This blog isn't about home decor or military but her tips have changed my life.. well... It has changed how I put on make up. I make sure I have read every single post she has made. Hopefully you do too!!! Not saying to change your make up habits.   

I can be very picky when it comes to becoming followers of certain pages. I generally go to these pages for a couple days before deciding to become followers.. Crazy.. ya I know..  

Do you have any favorite blogs you think I will enjoy. Please comment down below. And I'll check them out.  Always looking for new blogs to become followers of. 

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