Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Air Assault

Hey guys, 

It has been crazy busy here.  Hubby is preparing to leave to Air Assault training. This will the first time my hubby has been gone over night.. Before you all get all angry... He has gone away before just we weren't living together. When we got married, there was agreement between the three of us (Spencer, My dad and I) that I continue and to finish my degree (which I was just starting my senior year of Nursing school) before moving i n with him. Also, he was about to deploy less than six mos later. No point of moving out there for him to leave soon after.   I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house.  There has been some issues with the big project that I have been showing you sneak pictures of. I am hoping to figure it all out by the end of this week and hopefully have a post on it.   I went to the commissary, and you know that clearance section they have.. Omg..I never really check it out.. Now I have learned my lesson. Def look around in there, AMAZING DEALS. .  I found hearing aid batteries in my size 5 packets of them with 16 batteries each for only 7 dollars.. Now that is a deal. (I know I probably just lost you there. I don't think I have mentioned that I have bilaterally (both ears) severe to profound hearing. So obviously I have hearing aids. ) Since I am sure more than 99 percent of my readers probably dont have hearing aids and dont know the cost of batteries. Well, they are/can be expensive.  I change each hearing aid battery once every two to three days..  ya.. so I go through tons of batteries. I am now starting to look into rechargeable batteries but they can be extremely expensive if anything breaks. Back to the batteries right now at CVS Rayovac which  is the exact brand that I bought has a Sale of 24 pack of batteries for 19.99. Which makes it to be about $.83 per battery.  I bought at 16 pack for 7 dollars at the commissary basically paid  $.43 per battery. I bought five packets so about $35 dollars worth... If I were to buy them at CVS for $35 I only get about 42 batteries.  When in reality I bought 80 batteries for $35 dollars. I am soo proud of myself. Looks like I have to scope out that section more often when I go. :D 

  Have you come across any crazy sales, or coupons you like to share???

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