Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Its Tuesday!!!!  Back to work/school!!!!!  I hope you guys had a great long weekend.   It was a busy weekend for us Keck's.  West Point had graduation on Saturday, so the post was basically locked on down.  It was raining on and off during the ceremoney. I opted out and watched the graduation on TV in my own home :)    Yesterday, I babysat most of the day, but I finally toured the West Point Cemetery  I been wanting to since I got here, but I felt weird doing so.  I walked down to the Cemetery and checked about every inch of the property.  I didn't bring a map of all the famous headstones/graves but I did come across some. If you ever in the West Point area, you should check it out.  Over 8,000 souls are buried here.  There are weeping willows in one of the oldest part of the cemetery  They looked like they were just hugging the graves.  It was a wonderful site to see. 

Map of West Point Cemetery

I am gonna go back and see if I can find the rest of the graves that are on the map. 

FYI: Stormin Norman is buried here, he is sadly was a new addition to Cemetery a couple mos back. The map hasn't been updated since then, but he is buried near is father.(From my understanding about two rows away from each other.  If you go to the Cemetery Caretaker's home, there is a electronic grave finder.  (I haven't found it yet)  They will be able to help you find it. Also, check out the old Cadet Chapel, this was deemed to be destroyed instead they moved it brick by brick, now in the entrance way to the Cemetery. 

God bless those who made the Ultimate sacrifice. And God hold those love ones that lost a friend,spouse,and family members. 

Under the Willow. 

Gorgeous huh?

Unknown graves, due to poor record keeping, destroyed headstones which has been replaced with "Unknown"  on them. They were found in the oldest part of the cemetery  some have been buried long before West Point Cemetery became a Military Cemetery  So sadly, their graves will probably never have a  name attached to them. 

These Weeping Willows were found nearby the oldest part of the cemetery. 

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