Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spider plant

Looking for any easy to care for houseplant. Don't looking any further. I got what you are looking for. SPIDER PLANT!!!! Okay now I promise they don't produce any spiders. I grew up with these all over the house... well maybe not all over but they were apart of my childhood memories. Now that I have moved away, I noticed that I draw towards anything that reminds me of home, family and friends back in Michigan. Of course I have three of these plants in my home. I love them cause they are so easy to take care of. You going on vacation for a week, no problem these plants will be just fine. Two weeks??? No problem. They might look a little droopy when u come back but just water them really well for a weekand they are back to them ole selfs again.  Have pets??? Thats okay, it isn't harmful to those critters. You may have to train your kitties to leave it alone. That will take a good three days using the spray bottle. (Heheheh, of course I didnt have to resort to that, yelling it them will work too)

Spider plant info

Of course I am having a tough time uploading my pictures on to the blog of my spider plants.  Looks like I need to stay with the niffy camera rather than phone. You think I learned my lesson by now. Well anyways I have a bunch of babies growing off my plants :)  Already have given some away to make homes else where. If you move around as much as I do. I am sure you can steal some babies put it in a ziplock baggie with wet papertowels for the move. As soon as you get there. Put the baby in a cup full of water and put it in your window. Once it has been in the cup for about a week, you should see roots growing off the plant.  Then it is time to put it in a pot. They grow fast but you generally dont need to transfer the plants to  new pot as you would with other houseplants.  :)

My plants:

Flower that blooms before starting a new baby spider plant. 

Baby spider plants.. on my green and striped Spider plant. 

My small green leaf Spider plant, no babies yet. 

Enjoy... the fresh air that the Spider plant will help produce. What plants do you have in your house? ?

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