Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy Busy and Mason Jar Dispenser

Now that the hubby is gone to Air Assault training, I been taking advantage of babysitting all kinds of hours and cleaning the house now that it will STAY CLEAN... :)   

In the mist all of the craziness I really wanted to make a mason jar hand soap dispenser to complete my 1/2 bath down stairs.   I been wanting to do this for some time, and thought it would be a bit challenging . HA..  I should have done this earlier.. Now that bathroom is more complete.. With mason jar hand soup dispenser and mason jar candle holder.. Ahhh.. Country style.   
  I did the same steps as of the Mason Jar Bathroom Containers. The only thing that changed was you are gonna use the nail to make a big hole rather than just a couple hits of a nail. Takes longer that Bathroom containers but not too long. I PROMISE. 

All you need is hammer, nail, existing soap dispenser, mason jar with lid, plate and jar its self. and/or pliers 

(Old dispenser) 

Now pull out the existing dispenser and try to mark the size of the "pump" which usually has springs.  This is what is gonna go through the hole on the mason jar plate.  I used a hammer and nail to poke holes in the plate to create a big hole. It isn't gonna look the greatest..  But that isn't gonna matter I promise.  If you would like to you can use a pliers to make the hole big enough also. I had good results with the mason jar bathroom containers that I decided to stick with the nail. 

Seen not the greatest. I would recommend when you poke the holes to have the plate with the Silver part up so if not all the metal comes off it will be shoved underneath and you wont see it.  After you get about my size of hole. Check it by putting the dispenser pump through... It should be snug.  If it isn't don't fret, use hot glue.  Mine was snug but I didn't want to use the glue just in case I ever have to replace the pump. I dont have to start over. I tried pumping and it stayed in there and didn't wobble at all. 

See how I went off the size of the pump.  Don't go with the size of the dispenser that you see on top.. this will make the hole too large and probably gonna see the hole from the top.  Now the plastic part of the dispenser which picks up the soap from the bottom might need to be trimmed. If so just do a little at a time.  I noticed before I trimmed it down that it was cut at an angle 
So when I trimmed it down, I also cut it at an angle just in case.   Put the plate with the dispenser on the jar and slide the lid on. You might have to go through the side of the sprout and then lift it over to go down. and screw on. 

Looks great huh? Even colored soap will look great.. 

I need MORE SOAP!!! 

I can't take all the create for this project.  

( I found this post after I posted mine, and funny thing is.. I am follower of this blog and I didn't see it until day after the project. This one shows two different methods, I used method number two, but there is method one if you like to check it out)  


  1. Soooo cool! I totally doing this! I have some mini jars that are perfect.

  2. Haven't you noticed I have way too many jars..

  3. Thanks for sharing my tutorial as well! Yours turned out great!

  4. Thanks Liz for visiting. My blog is nothing compared to yours, but maybe I'll be there someday.