Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mason Jar Candles and Basket Art

Before I reveal my bathroom I thought I should go through all the small projects I have done to it before the BIG REVEAL. 

My 1/2 bathroom has no storage what so ever..  And I needed to decorate the West Point White walls.. hmmm Without putting the usual paintings up. Something different.   How to decorate a small room and also give me storage.. 

I went on to Pinterest and saw these two pictures. (This site is where I get most of my ideas from) 

(I do not the owners of these pictures. If these are yours please let me know, so I can give the credit where it belongs.)

Isn't it a great idea.. Of course I went to home goods and I found a packet of three square baskets.  I believe for no more than twenty dollars. And told my husband to hang two of the baskets up.. You should have seen his face... PRICELESS!!!  I had to show him these pictures for him to understand what I was trying to do.. You might have to do the same. 
Learn from us.. since we didn't have directions the links that Pinterest send us was just a larger picture.. Put the nails at an angle.. Just do it.. I will not show you how many holes we put in the wall on the first one ;)  Hopefully BB (the company who owns controls the housing here on post) won't say anything when we move out. :) 

See at an angle.. You will thank me for this.. and place your baskets on to them.. Quite easy.

Since we dont have storage I used one to hold extra TP!!!!   So our guest know exactly where it is.. But it also decorates the small room. 

(Sorry lighting is bad)

Now the jars.  As you can see I have tons and tons of mason jars.. Any type of jar will work here.. I wanted to use mason jars just cause easier to do this project because you don't need the plate. if you dont have a mason jar, you can use pliers to put an opening on top.. Or have it have a regular lid. Your choice.  To decorate the room up a bit. I took two green candles  one size up from tea light (Idk my candle sizes sorry) and placed them centered in the jar. Then I just screwed the lid on. Didn't use the plate. I don't burn these unless we lose electricity :)  I am just afraid to burn them on the basket, just in case the basket gets caught on fire. I don't think BB will that forgiving.  

 When Christmas time came around, I tied a small bow on the lip of both jar. And then I screwed on the lid.  It covers the wires that I need to attach the bows with. It was a bit of a challenging at first to get the lid on but all worth it.. it looked great during the winter holiday seasons. That all I needed to change when I had to take everything down.. Perfect. I love putting decorations up for holidays.. but dread taking them down. Simple! 

Won't it look great with my mason jar hand soap. :) I thought so too!!!


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