Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mason Jars for Bathroom.

After I posted the plant update for some reason, my motivation kicked into high gear and I made two mason jar for the bathroom.  The Jars now are a home for my cotton balls and Q-tips.. :)  

And the hubby loves them.. I spend no money on this project, I already had everything I needed and it look less than ten mins to complete on jar.. 

I got the knobs from Hobby Lobby for less than 3 dollars each. 

* Hammer
* Nail (thickest you can find)
* Mason Jar
* Knob

First -  Take the round ring off (I don't use it) 
Second - Mark the middle of the plate.. ( I dont know what is called : )  ) 
Third - Make a hole with the nail, for where the knob can be put through plate. I took it outside so the nail just went into the ground. 
Fourth - Make sure the hole is thick enough. It isn't gonna look pretty.. but you wont see it when the knob goes through it. 
Fifth - Screw the knob on it. 
Sixth - put the top on the mason jar.. You are have now completed the project.  

After making my two jars for the bathroom, now I have another for my side table. It holds my bobby pins and hair ties. Now, they have a home. And maybe my husband wont find them on the floor anymore :)  Here to wishing! 

Looks great next to the mirror doesn't it.  Finally used the knobs that has been sitting in my drawers. This project is great for anyone that needs to find storage for the small things. And if you want to upgrade to a bigger mason jar just make sure you find the same size lip, and you shouldn't have any problems putting top on the new mason jar if it is bigger.  Now, I am having motivation to use the rest of knobs. 

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