Monday, May 13, 2013

Flowers/Plant Update

Been a week since I planted the flowers and of course below freezing is expected tonight.. ughhhh. But I am prepared with lots of tarp..  Below are some pictures, thought you would enjoy them as much as I do. 

This plant is sitting out on my small (very small) porch. It gives just enough color to the porch and will look great once my morning glory start to crawl on my railing and blooming. 

The begining of my morning glory.  Less than a week later it is already about 1/2 inch tall. They grow SUPER fast. 

My Forget-me nots are doing great.. They are a slow grower wished I started them earlier.. oh well. 

My little plants that have taken home in my dining room. Yes I am going to bring in my Gerber and my morning glory in tonight. I put them back outside cause they are sun loving plants and need to get about six hours of sun. Even though it was cooler today, there was lots of sun.  

These are those white flowers that are trialing out of my new bucket. They are doing great. 

My Alliums are really blooming.. They are not fully bloomed yet but I love the beatiful color.  Some of them are super tall, which is not what I was expecting. 

Saria (pronounced like Sara) was enjoying the sun with me while I was taking pictures. She is my baby. I come home with my husband, she will completely ignore him no matter if I or him was opening the crate. She will tackle me. 

I used Saria to show you how tall these flowers are. 

What a great model, she is??  She is like I want to chase things... mom... can I go now??  <3 her

Have a great monday evening. 

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