Friday, May 17, 2013

Allium Pictures

I am literally running out the door after this quick blog.

I went outside to check on my flowers and I snapped some wonderful pictures that I just got to share with you.  This week as been crazy week. Past two days I have logged over 18 hours of babysitting and I have a lot more hours today.  

Good Morning from Saria!!! 

I love how in between the greens are just breath taking purple. They have been attracting bees, and I snaped some amazing pictures with my cell phone and of course they are soo small on here. I am gonna try to work with it and see if I can do something about it.   Thankfully the Alliums are far away from the porch area so it hasn't been bothering us. 

Morning!!!! :) 

This is what the plants look like as they are about to bloom. The green starts to turn into purple as you can see here. and then.. 

And as they are blooming more purple will pop out. 

And eventually you get this amazing  flowers!!! I am so proud of myself.. And they are a lot taller that I thought they would be.. I must have planted them in the perfect spot. :) 

Sorry for such a short blog, but this weekend I have plans to make it up.  When life gets crazy.. hold on and ENJOY the ride!! 

For you Miss Kate. (miss you)

She is also an army wife and she graduated from same High school as Spencer and I. Her and I have gotten close over the years. She of course is where I want to be right now.. Ft. Carson. Beautiful place, if you have a chance to be station there or visit Colorado Springs.. DO IT.. And go see Pikes Peak!  

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