Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snail Mail

Like I have been saying lately, just extreme busyness around here.  I have been sick for the past two months and finally got a portion of an answer yesterday after my Upper GI scope, I have an ulcer.. Ughhh it took two mos for that answer.. Jeeze and of course the hubby is gone.. Boo.. 

Spencer (husband) is away at air assault training, he graduates Friday!!!!!  There is three phases to air assault training, he passed two with flying colors now he is working on phase three!   After learning my results yesterday, he felt really really bad that he wasn't there for me.  awee. poor guy.  But thank goodness for Army friends right?? I have a great friend she is a nurse too like me!!! And she was a doll and took me to hospital and picked me up, and helped me run some quick errands too.. After having a Upper GI scope (basically a camera goes down to the stomach and sees what is up) you are not suppose to drive or drink alcohol for 24 hours.  Megan and I headed back towards post and she stopped at a Dunken Dounts for me :)  ahhh what a great friend.. (By the way I couldn't eat anything after midnight). and off to the pharmacy we went. Got a medication that I have to take for the next two mos.. I am horrible at remembering to take my meds...  This one has more complicated instructions, I can't go ohhh shoot I forgot so I'll take it now..   

Anyways enough of my story. But even if you are not a military spouse, once you have great friends who are willing do these kind of things for you.. DON'T LOSE THEM... I know in the military it is really hard to keep in touch with girlfriends and even family with all the moving and our crazy life..  I have found a way to show how much you care for them... SNAIL MAIL..  I think snail mail is more.. genuine than emails or txt.. Very hard to multi task  when writing a small letter.  You don't need to have a five paragraph letter. I use note cards... that I get from Home Goods.  One I spend 4.99 and got 16 cards with envelope and one I spend 2.99 and got 20 card and envelopes. And they are gonna be unique, Marshalls, TJMaxx and Home Goods has everything that other stores no longer sell anymore.. You go to one Home Goods you are not gonna have the exact merchandise as another Home Goods or any store for that matter.  I love these stores, I am addicted most of the time I just browse and look for ideas for my home that I can do for cheaper than the item.  It is my therapy, when I am having a bad week my husband kicks me out of the house and tells me to go to Home Goods :)  What a great guy is he. 

So basically for 36 cards I paid eight dollar, if that isn't a good sale I don't what is :)  

How cool is the second one.. We live about an hr away from the NYC and I think this SCREAMS THE CITY!!! 

Just take that extra time say thanks for being my friend and it will brighten up your friend's day.. Who knows you might have started a tradition! 

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