Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hubby is home

The hubby is home!!!! Yay!! After nearly two weeks, the hubs is back from Air Assault and officially a graduate from the program.   He is so sore and lots of rope burn. I am spending most of my day with him. Tomorrow, I will get back to posting.  He is off doing some errands so he can get the air assault patches and get them to alterations.  Me... I am dealing with the fact we have no hot water.. ughhhhh of course... I am glad the hubby is here to deal with it along with me... but still... I still have a roof over my head..

  Sending good thoughts to those who are battling with Colorado's fire.  

I FINALLY FINISHED MY BIG PROJECT.. WHAT A PAIN... but I learned lots of things and is happy. That is all that matters...   Soon I'll have a post on it.


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