Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am back.. For good.. I PROMISE!

Hey readers,

I know I took a long long long AND EVEN LONGER vacation away from the blog. Life has been crazy. But I thought of the blog often and trying to figure out how to kick this blog off again.

Updates:   I am pregnant with a little girl, currently 30 weeks along. I am due Feb 21st and I am sooo excited to be a mommy.  And I am even more excited to see what our lil girl looks like... brunette like her momma and daddy?   or a little red hair since her daddy is part Irish.  Brown eyes like her momma? or Hazel like her daddy's. Who is she gonna look like more?  Is she gonna inherit the curly hair that some how skipped me but that is very prominent in her grandmother and aunt.. Oh only God knows that this point.  I will say this.. She is making this pregnancy very easy for me. Which I am so grateful for. Hopefully that is a sign for things to come.  :)  We can only pray and hope. But even if she makes things challenging for us; we will still love her more than we can even imagine.  I now have a RN position at a doctor's office part time. Which is a even more blessing on top of our lil girl. I also work at the chapel  nursery being a childcare watcher while parents are attending bible studies. I am definitely busy; which is helping this pregnancy fly by!   My husband is doing great; Other than he is sore and in some pain due to his shoulder surgery he had on Monday. So my husband is gonna be around the house more the next couple weeks which I am really looking forward to.

We just got dumped with some snow yesterday and early morning today and a little sleet. This is our first real snow fall we have had this year. Of course a one shoulder man and a pregnant woman + snow... is just a disaster waiting to happen. But my husband isn't a type of guy to sit around.. and also we have great neighbors. Idk what we do without them!!!   I WILL BE POSTING MORE AGAIN. PROMISE!!!!

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  1. Congratulations!!! So glad you're feeling well!