Saturday, March 8, 2014

Selina Claire

SELINA CLAIRE HAS MADE HER APPEARANCE ON VALENTINE'S DAY DURING A HUGE SNOW STORM THAT OCCUR ON THE EAST COAST.. WE RECEIVED ABOUT 24 INCHES OF SNOW THAT NIGHT.. AND SHE OF COURSE WASN'T GONNA WAIT VERY LONG. I LABORED ONLY 1.5 HRS AT HOME AND SHE WAS BORN JUST SHORT OF 6 HRS AFTER I WAS ADMITTED.  Please be patience with me. I know  I promised more activity on this page and there will be just trying to get things back in order at home and trying to get used to my schedule. I will be posting things about baby and kid topics but my goal is to not overwhelm my blog with just those topics. 

Saria loves her already 

Lots of love coming from the furry one.