Saturday, March 15, 2014

Honest Co.

Before I start this blog, I am sharing mine opinion and nobody else. I am in no way being paid or benefiting from sharing my opinion good or bad about Honest Co. And I have not been contacted by any representatives or employees of Honest Co. 

One of the biggest decisions new parents or soon to be new parents need to decide, what diapers are gonna be used.  Cloth or disposable.  Once you done that.. what company should be used and from there. if you are doing disposable what kind of diapers.. like dry, swaddlers and so on..    

Thankfully there is lots of opportunities for free samples and Honest Co. is one of them.  No, they are not cloth diapers. And I give a round of applause to those families that can do cloth diapers. I just can't.  The whole washing poop filled diapers in the same washing machine as I wash my clothes, sheets and stuff, just creep me out. Honest Co. are disposable diapers, that free from harmful chemicals and is better for the environment and your child's bum (in my eyes) than other disposable diapers like Pampers, Huggies and etc.  They have three possible samples and if you really wanted to you can get all of them.  Just have to pay for shipping.  One is a diaper trial, Essential Trial and Health and Wellness trial. I sadly didn't find out about the trails until a month prior to my due date.  I only did the trial for diapers and Essential. Man.. Did I LOVE THEM!!!!!  

The diapers were cute as heck. and the healing cream (aka diaper rash cream) AMAZING!!!!!  And the best part of it all.   Free of harmful chemicals!!!  And everything they claim.. is TRUE.. It is super absorbent, but the moisture is pulled away form the skin of the child. So even if Selina urinated a lot, her skin is NEVER dripping wet like other diapers. I noticed after I used up all the Pamper Swaddlers, Selina's butt was starting to get red, I was getting nervous that she was gonna have her first diaper rash. A milestone I SOOO didn't want. I am sure every parent feels that way. So I started her up on some healing cream.. My oh My... redness disappeared in days.  Once I started her on honest diapers I haven't used  healing cream since. 

Also, what makes these diapers soo ADORABLE.. you can choose up to six designs for newborn and size 1 diapers. I only chose 3, so I got two packages of each design in total of 8 packages with 40 diapers in each.   320 diapers, and I dont think mine will be all used by the time the next shipment comes in. So I might have to adjust when the next ones come in due to be having enough supply.  And they add designs as they go along, and you change designs before your shipment has started the process of packing the shipment. 


The small packages are the travel packages, you will get four with your diaper bundle.  The large package is the normal size of wipe, that you will receive with your normal diaper bundle.  They are very soft and will not cause friction to your child's bum. I currently get the Essential bundle every 6 weeks and I get the diapers every 4-5 weeks. And you can adjust your shipping days.  They make it really easy for you.

If you are interested in Honest Co. please go to the site and read up about Honest Company; Also in the comment box put your email down. I will be able to send you a referral email. Which is offered to every customer and encouraged.  Once you start ordering you can send your own referral emails to your friends and families. Please comment if you have any questions at all, and I will try to answer them based on by experience. 

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