Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pregnancy update

ALMOST 36 WEEKS.. (tomorrow I will be)  Very excited to hit this milestone cause that means I can give birth at my hospital with my providers.  Which is def a relief of some stress.    Got everything, just may not be in the prettiest place or spot.. or Organize.. but I have time right... well... If this girl keeps doing what she is doing.. I might not have time. Jeeze oh peas... Unless she is gonna do most of the work now and then wait until the last min to pull the final lever for the true labor to start..  We only can just wait... and see..  This got to be like the worst part of pregnancy for me. (The waiting!!!) Thankfully this girl has really blessed me with a great... DID I SAY GREAT.. I MEAN AWESOME, SUPERB... I feel like any word I come up with under values how beautiful this experience has been and how comfortable I been through out the changes that has been occurring to my body.

My husband is so thankful for only a few hormonal meltdowns and def help me feel like I wasn't a psycho for thinking the way I am.

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