Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring is in the air!

What a wonderful day today here in New York. Not too hot and not too cold.

Making me itching to some planting done. :( Sadly still a little too early for that. This year instead of spending lots of money on pre grown plants/flowers; I am attemping to grow my own this year. Lets see if this works out. After my babysitting job yesterday, I quickly drove home and planted my seeds. The seeds, I started need to start before planting outdoors. :S  Lets pray to the mother nature that it works out.  The seeds I planted yesterday are Impatiens and Forget me not.  I love impatiens they are so easy to care for. Lets see if they are easy to grow.   This will be the first year I have ever used Forget me not. I wanted to explore outside of my flower shell and use something that not everyone will have in their flower beds. These flowers are blue/purplish blooms. They can grow up to 12 inches tall.  I have several flower beds and pots they need to be filled so I planted a bunch. Other than I have a lot of places to put them, just in case some seeds  don't open. I also bought California poppy seeds, they are beautiful! They are gonna be put in my wine barrel.  I am really looking forward to my plants hopefully blooming.  I don't have a greatest green thumb, but I am certainly gonna try my best.  The biggest reason for me not grabbing plants at the store is, why spend soo much money on a house that isn't ours.  I learned my lesson from last year. I was soo excited to have green space (we came from a 2nd story apartment), that I went crazy. This year I realized, the next renters may very well pull all the flowers out of the ground.   Being an army wife, I really realized very thing you have, is short lived. Right now we have a three bedroom 2.5 bath house. Next place we might have a one bedroom apartment.  You may go from one extreme to the other. You need to enjoy it when you are spoiled rotten by the military but need to understand this isn't forever.  But you dont want to  get out of control with the enjoyment either.. Like buying bushes for your flower garden (yup.. that was me last year).  The Forget me nots will take at least seven days to start sprouting and the impatiens may take up to two weeks. Through out the time, I will keep you updated with pictures :)

Also due to the weather. I finally order two amazing wreaths of etsy. I have been debating for months, if I should order them or wait a little longer. I was planning on one wreath but oh I saw another in the same shop... I had to give it a home. :)  I don't want to spoil the suprise. Hopefully in less than two weeks I can plaster pictures of it all of this blog. I am sure you guys won't be able to resist either ;)    Of course you guys will be one of the first ones to see it!!!

*** Note:  I used 9 oz paper cups for the dirt and seeds and used shoe boxes to hold all the cups together :)

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