Friday, May 3, 2013

AMAZING WREATHS (do I have to say more?)

Right now due to The Land of Craft owner moving across the country to her new home, her etsy page is on vacation right now. You can still go to her page and select to receive  email when the shop is back open.  

Hey guys!!!

 I know I lied, so sorry. It has been crazy in the Keck's household this week. Trying to get the house back in order and babysitting and of course stealing any time to spend with the hubs. I got my package yesterday. I am soooo excited to show you guys. I ordered two wreaths from The Land of Craft. One is a spring/summer wreath

and the other is sporting our team we root for. Since Spencer and I grew up less than 20 mins away from East Lansing home of Michigan state Spartans, our families grew up rooting for green so naturally we did too. We are huge fans. Spencer is more into football but me its basketball all the way!!! Izzone!!! Anyways here are some pictures of the wreaths!!!
This woman does amazing job. She is willing to customize a wreath to meet your wants/needs. I bought two wreaths and had them both here under 2 weeks. The turn around was awesome. It may vary from order or order on the turn around time but gosh she was just fast!!! Thank goodness or I would have died waiting for my new additions. The quality of these wreaths are amazing. I am so shocked that these weren't made a factory. You can tell Jackie really puts her time into each flower, pom pom and logos on these wreaths.   It really says welcome home!!!  I can't wait for my neighbors to see it, so I can brag all about The Land of Craft.  Now I am worried that the neighbors might just want to steal it ;) Spencer loves the MSU one that we are already trying to figure out a schedule of when we are gooing to  put our spartan one up. Hahahaha.  Thanks soo much Jackie. You can look at her store on etsy or like her page on facebook. Below is both links.   If you make purchases from her, YOU WON'T REGRET IT. She is awesome and I am not being paid to tell my viewers  about her shops. :)

FB: The Land of Craft Fb Page.

Etsy:The Land of Craft Etsy Page.

 I highly suggest liking her page once she reaches 500 likes, she is gonna have a giveaway!! I know I will be crossing my fingers and toes that i win. :)  If you head over to her pages and buy something, tell her that Taryn sent ya. she also has another shop on etsy. I check this shop out from time to time. You might find a new addition to your home. Have you liked her page yet?? 

 (Does it say welcome!!!) 

Etsy Vintage Page.

I really like to start making this blog more informative so I will be or should I say I am planning on having multiple post a a day to help beef up this page. Has anyone gone shopping and used the 14 day meal planning yet??? Let me now if you have any result positive or negative. I want to hear from my viewers.

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