Saturday, May 4, 2013

Backyard Landscaping Tour

Since I was doing a lot of outside work, I thought I show you some pictures of my backyard and give you a quick tour.  

I have not planted any flowers this Spring yet. I was just worried the temperatures  may drop down again. But after about 2 to 2.5 weeks of steady temperatures, I am not so worried anymore. My neighbor and I are planning a little flower/plant trip on Monday. :) So excited to hang out with Jessica and of course get stuff done in the meantime. 

Remember while looking at the pictures, the backyard isn't complete yet. 

Round my tree are Hosta plants, there is about six of them, one more then last year. There was seven, I found a baby one, growing in the rocks around the trees and I transplanted it while it was small in to a ceramic pot.  Picture of that is down below a bit.  In between the Hostas are Purple Allium. They have not bloomed yet. Once they do I'll show you some pictures of those. I got the bulbs from my father in law, who has multiple flower beds surround this house.  It is best to plant in the September time frame for them to be already to grow in the spring. 

A closer look at the Hostas;  They were here before we moved in, I just used them to my advantage.  
You see the tall green stalks, those are gonna be Allium.  Below is a close up to the Allium once it blooms. Gorgeous flower huh?

Saria's dig pool!!! The dog favorite part of the backyard. She loves it. Saria is part terrier, that means she has LOTS OF ENERGY!!!  She was so easy to train, but we couldn't get rid of the digging tendency.  So I bought the pool at a garage sale. The husband nailed holes to the bottom, so when it rains it can drain.  All the dirt came from friends.  Every once in a while I put a toy in there, so it is basically a treasure hunt for Saria. 

Here is the baby Hosta that I transplanted it. These plants are very easy to transplant and even split apart.  This was a lot smaller. In this pot, I actually had a mum plant. It has gotten so big that I needed more room. So I also transplanted that near the front of the duplex.  

Here are the seeds I was talking about in a post about a week ago.  I lost six of them earlier today :( due to Saria playing with Bailey (Jessica's dog) oh well. I have plenty more. I did notice a change in one of the Forget Me Not plants..  It is sprouting :)  

That's all for the Backyard tour. Once flowers get bloomed and planted, I'll have more pictures. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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