Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hummingbird Feeder.

Good Afternoon Y'all,

Today I been doing a lot of stuff outside, watering the grass and plants. We havn't gotten rain in like two weeks and we have been in the 70s and not expecting any rain until next week but it may not be enough. Already had a small brush fire a couple streets down from where I am. I am not gonna risk it. Thankfully since I live on an army post that our housing money covers water. :)  

Also, I bought a filled up my humming bird feeder. I make my own, it is soo easy. 


Hummingbird feeder (make sure the bottom of it can be opened to clean out) 

Like so:

This allows you to clean it, if it isn't able to be open black mold will start to grow. We don't want to be killing our hummingbirds do we now?


Put 1/2 cup of Sugar in a Microwavable bowl or in a pot,
Put 2 cups of Water in bowl or pot. 

Then heat it up until sugar is dissolved. Since I am a cheater ;)  I used the microwave, heat it for about 1 1/2 min in the microwave. Then stir the solution as soon as it stop heating up in the microwave until it is dissolved.  Let it cool down and then fill the feeder up. I don't add food coloring, but you certainly can.  I think the red on the feeder will attract the hummingbirds anyways. The feeder I have, I bought at Walmart for like 6-7 dollars. It is also bee/wasp proof. Which is great if you have any kiddos that like to play in the backyard. 

Saria thought I was just taking a picture of her :) Right above her on the shed, is my hummingbird feeder :)  


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