Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hey there readers, IT IS FRIDAY!!!

I am gonna start trying to do High Five for Friday each and every Friday. May this will help me post things on a regular basis, even if I don't have any recipes or DIY posts.

What happened in the Keck household this week?

1.  My daughter stayed with the babysitter for a full day! This was her first and I was pleased to hear she was a good girl. 

2.  We got news that Spencer's army leave has been approved!!!! So happy about that!!! We got a lot of time and lots of things we want to squeeze in while we are home. 

3. Selina is now focusing on items. Like mirror in the car, and elephants hanging from her swing.  :) 

4.  A local hero passed away from my hometown.  You may have heard of her. She taught the world to always keep smiling... REST IN PEACE Princess Lacey!!!  Princess Lacey Passes Away

You can google more information on her. She is truly inspiration!!!  Heaven has gained a princess angel! 

5.   And the SPRING WEATHER IS HERE TO STAY... well for this week it is :) 

In a middle of a sneeze!! :)  

Have a great Friday!!!! 

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