Monday, April 7, 2014

Breast milk Freezer Storage.

Hey readers, 

Today I finally got around to make my Breast Milk Storage for my Freezer.. I couldn't stand all the bags of breast milk just thrown in the freezer and I never can find the oldest bag. 


I wish I could take credit for the idea.  Like most of my ideas, I got it from Pinterest. 

Due to the bags that I use for storing my milk are wider than the large boxes of cereal, I opted to use a different type of box.  Make sure before cutting the box, that you compare your bags to the width and the length of the box. It possibly will save time wasted. 

Supplies:  Box, Tape, Scissors, and Wrapping Paper (I bought from Michael's recently for 1.50,  I love their Value section, I believe that is what they call it) 

I cut the opening to the box for the bags to be pulled. Again make sure you compare hole size to your bags. 

AND THEN THE BEST PART... WRAPPING IT UP.. . P.S. I cut the flaps off on top, you can leave them it is your preference. 

All wrapped up. and then I cut the paper off where the hole was. 

I organized the bags that were already in my freezer and put the oldest ones in the box first to recent. 
And the freezer got a lil organization makeover while I was at it.. MY HUBBY WAS SHOCKED.. No more food falling out when you open the door. :) 

Have a great Monday y'all!!! 

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