Friday, December 20, 2013

Productive Week?

Hey Readers,

I hope you been having a productive and great week. It has been a great week, productive.. ya. no.. I blame the hubby. He is still on pain medication so his sleep cycle completely out of whack.. and of course as I type this he is sleeping on the couch. No I didn't kick him out of the our bedroom; he tends to be more comfortable being able to recline. We don't have those fancy kind of beds. I hate to admit it be nice to have it right about now. I miss sleeping with him. I know you probably think I am nuts; being pregnant and all. I swear I am not lying.  Like I said this lil girl has been extremely nice to me. Minor sleep interruptions just basically limited to bathroom breaks and every once in a while a cramp while I am sleeping.. Okay, how is it you get them while you are sleeping but you NEVER get them when you are awake.. What is up with that???? I totally rather get them while I am awake rather than waking up seconds before it occurs.   While I am getting my motivation up and going again.. (Cross your fingers).

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