Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Holidays From The Kecks!!!!


I hope your holidays went as well as ours did.  Even though we didn't go home; we certainly enjoyed each others company.  It was nice to have the holidays at our place. At times going home causes so much stress, we got to see this person and that person and oh don't forget your twice removed step cousin ( a bit of exaggeration but you get what I mean).  

This year I am making some resolutions. Are you?

1.  Is be the best momma I can be for my lil girl
2.  Take more pictures
3.  After giving birth to my lil girl, start working on getting myself in a place where I am comfortable with my body. I am not worried about numbers on a scale. But where I feel beautiful and happy with my body. That is most important to me.
4.  To find some me-time, I struggle finding it now. I am sure I will struggle some more once our lil miracle comes. 
5.  To relax and enjoy the ride of life. 
6.  Make a routine for myself in the mornings and evenings. 
7.  Do more activities out of the house with my family
8.  Make the blog more active place in my weekly schedule.

As you noticed these goals it is hard to be measured. But I just want a little improvement compared to 2013. If the improvement is there then I am happy. I am sure I forgot some resolutions.  But who says you need to have your resolutions written down or thought of on Dec 31 or Jan 1; NOT I!!!!  

Are you making any resolutions??? 

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