Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five For Friday

Hey y'all!!

I hope your week has been great like mine has. Had one bumpy night, but I can't complain. It is all worth it right??? If you don't have kids, you can't stay mad at them.. Heck no, especially if you go to wake her up she is just looking around

1.  My girlfriend who lives in Colorado and her mom hung out with me today!!!  I missed her so much. My hubby hasn't seen her for almost two years so it was a nice visit. It ended way too soon. 

2.  I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES!!! (of course they weren't for me :( ) poo.  but they were for Selina!!!!  Selina recently won (well she tied for first with her cousin), the cutest kid competition  on facebook so she got her winnings. :D  And Then her Uncle Chad knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE giraffes!! He mailed Sophia the Giraffe and a stuffed animal of Sophia.. I can't wait for her to start playing with toys. She is such a spoiled child.  :) 

3. My daughter's new honest diapers came in!!! yay!!! Strawberries, Cherries, Skull & Crossbones, peacock, and more :) 

4. Got to visit my co-workers, I haven't seen them since my last shift before I went into labor. I will be back working on monday, a little nervous but VERY EXCITED!!! 

5. I am a huge Michigan State Fan, espically basketball!!! So Sweet 16 game is here and tip off is at  1015 pm!!!  GO GREEN!!! 

Of course my lil daughter got to be the cutest fan out there!! 


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