Sunday, March 23, 2014

Selina's Room

Happy Sunday!!!

Remember last post, you just saw snap shots. Its your lucky day, you get to see the entire room now!!!

It has only been 5 weeks since Selina has made her big arrival into the world, but I already have Mom must haves.

1. Glider ( I have the ottoman, I think it is a nice plus but it is optional)
2. Vtech Video Digital Monitor ( Due to my severe/profound hearing loss, this is my LIFELINE, at first I was disappointed in it, but it was due to the lack of directions. Once we figured it out, it has been amazing!)
3. Graco Pack N Play with the newborn napper (I love this, we use ours as a changing station. And there is an option to allow your newborn to sleep in two different areas of the Pack N Play. Who knows if your newborn is gonna sleep in the crib right away. Also, you can hold it in your bedroom if you like your child to be in there for a while and then you can move it back into her or his room.. SO MANY DIFFERENT OPTIONS.

My number one must have.. glider with an ottoman. This Glider has two pockets one on each side. Perfect for little notebook, tablet, pens, and of course Water jugs. I know I am constantly thirsty when I am nursing. 

The Pack N Play!!!  

Selina's dresser with The Land of Craft Wreath above. If you haven't read my post about Land of Craft.. You better get to it. You can always come back and finish reading. 

Isn't it amazing. It just brings in a little simple and wonderful to the room!! I love it!!!! 

Bought this cute little basket from Target, Suppose to be a diaper caddy, but since the side of the Pack N Play has a place to hold diapers wipes and such. I am using this to hold things that I need while changing her clothes and such. Lotion, there is a brush, pacifier clip, headbands and of course LOTS AND LOTS OF spit rags. Sadly for my husband, he seems to always get the other end of the spit ups..  (hahaha)  Always got to have them on hand and easy to get to.

My amazing friend gave this subway art. Sometimes the best additions to rooms are those made by your talented friends.  Of course I already had a frame lying around waiting to be used. 

The vinyl on the wall I purchased from Target.  If I remember correctly I spend less than 30 dollars. 
The basket on the floor was purchased from Home Goods for 14.99, and it is serving as Selina's dirty clothes Hamper. 

The crib!!! 

LOVE THIS RUG!!! Bought it from Target. It was on sale and I used my Target Cartwheel which applied 15% additional off

My LIFE LINE!!! This is one of two cameras I have.  From the camera itself you can play music. :) And of course you can talk to your child through the monitor and camera. 
This is the monitor. Lots of different options.  

The quilt that started it all!!!! What an inspiration it served for me. Can't wait for Selina to be able to use it on her toddler bed. Yes, I bought a quilt so it can last many years rather than months.   I bought this from Etsy. 

A matching minky blanket! 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!! 

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  1. What a beautiful, precious room. I am sure Selina will love the things you chose for her for many years to come! :)